Tony McKenzie

Field team

Tony joined Social Life as part of their Field Team in July 2020. Tony has been a Citizen Social Scientist since 2015.  He works full-time in homelessness for a national charity, enhancing the voice of those with lived experience and and ensuring services are co-produced.   

Tony is a member of the London Prosperity Board, delivering research projects that are co-designed and carried out with Citizen Social Scientists - people who live and work in the neighbourhoods where research is taking place. Tony is the Lead Citizen Social Scientist at IGP and recruits, train and mentors the team, as well as leading research in Newham, and taking part in IGP’s teaching and summer schools.   

Tony is an avid adventurer, who has climbed Kilimanjaro, toured Cuba by cycle, and trekked in Patagonia.  He enjoys reading magical-surrealism novels and is passionate about the voices that are often unheard being heard and acted upon.