We Walworth baseline: key findings

We Walworth is a new project that aims to engage everyone in the neighbourhood about food and inequality in Walworth – and figure out how we can work together to make this a better place to live. It is a partnership between Pembroke House, Southwark Council and other local agencies. Social Life is acting as learning and evaluation partner for the project, leveraging our local knowledge and our past work in the area.

The baseline report sets out the key findings from our work carried out between August and October 2022. The research was structured around our theory of change, and based on interviews with residents, central and local government officers, an ethnography of the Walworth Living Room, and social network and socail infrastructure mapping.

This baseline research will be used to assess the impact of the We Walworth programme, comparing this initial data with a second round of research in February and March 2023.

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