Belonging and wellbeing in new communities

Wellbeing and belonging have an important role to play in the creation of socially sustainable communities. Related issues have been identified as important ones to address in areas that partners work in, and specific related work is now being planned in Barking and Dagenham and in Aylesbury Vale. International conversations in China and in Europe have highlighted that belonging and wellbeing are increasingly recognised as important to communities across the globe.

As part of our Future Communities programme, on 1st October we held a seminar for our consortium partners on ‘Belonging and wellbeing in new communities’. (Click here to see the presentation).

In order to discuss the practical ways in which wellbeing and belonging can be created in new places, we invited a number of prominent speakers to look at this issue from their own professional perspectives:

  • Will Norman of the Young Foundation talked about his work with the ESRO on ethnography and urban design (click here to view the presentation)
  • Deborah Saunt of DSDHA discussed the importance of creative quantitative and qualitative mapping in the design process (click here to view the presentation)
  • Emily Berwyn of Meanwhile Space CIC spoke about the use of empty space for testing opportunities & building identity in the Meanwhile (click here to view the presentation)

Post by: Lucia Caistor-Arendar