Learning from global cities through the Social Innovation eXchange

What makes a city buzz? The most dynamic cities in the world have always been immersed in the critical innovations of their time, but why do some do it better than others? What inhibits a city’s ability to innovate? How can cities around the world capitalise on and mobilise the wealth, creativity and knowledge within them to speed up our ability to tackle social challenges?

Many of the leading practitioners of social innovation from all parts of the world, whether from business, government or the non-profit sector will meet technology specialists, city planners and architects, designers, social entrepreneurs and creative thinkers in Singapore in a month’s time to share ideas, best practices, and innovative methods to create better cities.

They will be meeting at the third annual Social Innovation Summer School – a event which is hosted by SIX (the Social Innovation eXchange) – a global community of more than 1000 individuals and organisations committed to promoting social innovation. Once a year, members of the SIX community meet to help to try and find better solutions to global challenges. This year, we will explore how cities can best harness the energy, knowledge and creativity of its inhabitants to speed up their ability to respond to climate change, chronic disease and ageing populations.