Measuring social sustainability in new housing developments

Social Life founding director Saffron Woodcraft and Professor Tim Dixon have composed two articles looking at 'measuring social sustainability in new housing development'. 

In the first article, Tim Dixon and Saffron Woodcraft look at the importance of social sustainability for housebuilders, present a framework for its measurement, report the results of applying that, and discuss the policy and practice implications. In the second article they analyse a case study based on their framework to measure social sustainability - Kidbrooke Village in south east London - and draw out the implications for policy and practice.

How can social sustainability be defined and measured, and what are the implications of research findings for policy and practice? This paper offers answers to these questions and describes a social sustainability measurements framework developed jointly by Social Life and the University of Reading. Commissioned by the Berkeley Group, it is one of two winners in a competition to investigate the intrinsic link between buildings and the wellbeing of those who occupy them, organised by BRE and YBM Built Enviroment.  

Read the first and second article on the Building4Change site.