TEDxCity2.0 live streamĀ at Social Life's Office

We are delighted to be official hosts of streamed live from New York on Friday 20th September 2013. This event is a day-long TED event for urban innovators, organisers, stewards and builders. The event will surface stories of urban ingenuity and interdependence from across the globe, with live speakers, global conversations and activities.

Social Life is hosting a live stream of Session 3: Reimagining the City (details below). The stream starts at 18.30pm, so come along after work and take a critical look at the cities debate. Bring along something to drink and we'll provide the popcorn!

Our address can be found here. Please RSVP to danielle.house@social-life.co 

Session 3 
Reimagining the City:

Hosted by John Cary

  • Visionary architect Chris Downey, who lost his sight and gained new ways of seeing the world
  • Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan is putting pedestrians at the forefront of transportation policy in New York City
  • Robin Nagle, an anthropologist in residence at the NYC dept of sanitation, talks trash
  • Street performers John Pita and Avi Snow of City of the Sun are flamenco/blues/indie rockers
  • Place maker Toni Griffin, an urban planner working to make cities more just
  • Housing advocate Shaun Donovan, the U.S. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development
  • Sustainability guru Lance Hosey, who's on a mission to make green design beautiful

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.