Social integration & placemaking: infrastructures of beloging

Nicola Bacon will be speaking at a London Met workshop Interdisciplinary Research Forum investigating the links between London's built environment and the social integration of Londoners. 

Thursday November 2nd, 5 to 7pm. Register here.

The design of the physical infrastructure of the cities we inhabit, as well as temporal interventions and disruptions within them, have created the conditions for the inclusion or exclusion of groups and individuals. The collective experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has raised urgent questions around the civics of space, laying bare the contours of an increasingly fractured society, disparity in the right to spatial goods, and the need for new perspectives and fresh resolve to address its repair.

This workshop brings together work from a range of perspectives from various disciplines, including art, architecture and urban planning, history, philosophy, politics and governance, literary theory, and sociology.