Ife Akinroyeje

Field team

Ife joined Social Life as an intern in July 2017. She has a great passion for advocacy research with particular interests in themes of gender, race, young people and the community, which she combines with her love of photography to create mixed media research. She has been awarded grants and awards for her research and has had the pleasure of presenting work at a global student conference in Singapore. Most recently, she was awarded a grant to study the black diaspora in the UK and Europe.

Additionally, Ife is interested in community outreach, widening participation and the integration of people at the margins of society. This interest blossomed during her study abroad trip to Hong Kong, where she worked with various organisations including the Refugee Art Movement and Christian Action (SHINE centre and Home Visit Volunteer Service), to support ethnic minorities, those in poverty and refugees in Hong Kong with English tutoring, art lessons and workshops. These experiences inspired her to go on to research the African community in Hong Kong and capture their experiences around themes of employment, housing, racism and education.

Ife is currently working towards finishing her BA in History and Sociology at the University of Warwick.