Natasha Shah

Engagement coordinator

Natasha is interested in a community-led approach to projects - using qualitative data and ethnographic research - from surveys to more participatory methods, oral histories and co-design workshops. Natasha has carried out field research for Soical Life in different London neighbourhoods, including street interviews and walking ethnographies.

Natasha has experience of working with London's diverse communities: at Social Streets, using community journalism to help foster a sense of belonging, improving the wellbeing of local people and the local economy; and at Southall Black Sisters, working with Black (Asian and African-Caribbean) women that have been affected by domestic violence.

“I think it’s important to capture every voice within communities, so that we can understand the more complex issues of location with the everyday social experiences of its members, for example, class, race, gender, generation, religion and sexuality etc.”

Natasha is currently doing an Anthropology Masters at SOAS University London in Migration and Diaspora Studies. Her dissertation is focused on migration within London’s street markets.