Aylesbury estate benchmarking

Social Life has been commissioned by Notting Hill Housing to create a framework for measuring the success of the regeneration of the Aylesbury estate over the next 20 years.

As our first step, we need to look at how the estate is faring now, to set a benchmark for the changes that will happen in the future. Social Life will do this by looking at information from the census and other national data sources; by talking to residents of the Aylesbury estate about their aspirations and hopes for future development; as well as speaking to local agencies and stakeholders.

This framework will be agreed by Notting Hill and Southwark. It will also include the performance indicators that Southwark has set for the regeneration. It will enable residents to hold Notting Hill and Southwark to account for the progress of the regeneration over the coming years.

Social Life worked on the estate over the Summer of 2014.