Placemaking and Innovation in Malmö

Social Life has been working with Malmö Stad as part of the Social Life of Cities programme. 

We focused on Lindängen, an area of around 4,000 homes on the outskirts of Malmö which is very diverse, and where an above average number of people are dependant on benefits. Education results are poor, especially for children and young people from immigrant backgrounds.

Building on this work, Social Life hosted two TelePresences, video conference sessions, aimed at tackling the challenges of Lindängen. The first explored placemaking and innovation in Lindängen. The second asked whether new forms of investment from outside the public sector can be used to finance this.

The discussions were attended by participants in Brussels, Chicago, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg, New York, Sydney and Seoul. 

The powerpoints for the two TelePresences can be downloaded here