WeWalworth is bringing together Pembroke House, Southwark Council and Small Axe, with local residents, community organisations and central government to build social capital through food in the areas around the Walworth Living Room.  

WeWalworth grows from our experiences of the last two years. The pandemic didn’t create inequality, it revealed what was already there. It showed the importance of relationships in helping people get by - some of the people who struggled most were those who were not known to their neighbours or to local agencies.

Over the next year, the plan is to engage thousands of local residents, business owners, community workers the local council and central government to think about how we can bring people together to tackle food insecurity and inequality in Walworth, recognising and resourcing everyone’s experiences, skills and ideas.

We’ve got an ambitious target to talk with 80% of our neighbourhood - to understand the experiences, skills and ideas we have around food insecurity and inequality in Walworth. Following  this we’re going to build projects to tackle these problems together. We plant to create and test a new way of engaging the community and designing projects that puts people at its heart and can be applied to future campaigns and initiatives, food or otherwise, that make our neighbourhood stronger.   

Social Life's role is to gather insights and evidence to help the programme learn and grow as it develops and to find out how it impacts social relationships and social capital.

We Walworth is a partnership project funded through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities’s Partnerships for People and Place programme.