Social and economic benchmark of the residential areas affected by the St Thomas Street developments

In Spring 2019 we were commissioned by Southwark Council, in partnership with Team London Bridge, to conduct a baseline study of the residential areas surrounding St Thomas Street. This area adjacent to London Bridge station is currently the focus of a range of planned and proposed developments.

The research sought to understand the experiences and perceptions of residents in relation to a range of themes, including community, work, health and wellbeing, local amenities, and changes in the area. To gather data we used a survey of 329 residents of local estates, group discussions, walking interviews, and stakeholder interviews with local groups and agencies.

Our findings are being used to inform a social regeneration charter for the area, which aims to ensure that any physical redevelopment brings benefits to local residents. It will also be used as a benchmark against which any changes which take place locally can be measured at a future date. More information on the St Thomas Street social regeneration charter can be found here.

A summary of the research can be found here.

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