The Cultural (Re)Generation: Building places for young London

This report was commissioned by A New Direction. It is for housing developers, London’s councils, the Greater London Authority and the wider public sector, community groups, arts organisations, and everyone interested in making London a flourishing and creative place to live where children and young people can enjoy and take part in the fantastic range of arts and cultural provision in the capital.

For London to be competitive and successful for all communities, it needs to be a city where creativity can flourish. This means building opportunities for children, young people and families to play, learn and create. The report makes a series of recommendations to help make this happen.

The research explored how new housing developments can play a role in building opportunities for children and young people to access and participate in creativity, arts and culture. We believe this is important to sustain London’s reputation as a cultural capital and a leader in the creative industries, as well as critical to the health and wellbeing of the younger generation.

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