Housing for young people in Waltham Forest

This report sets out the findings of research into the views of young people living in Waltham Forest about their housing needs and prospects.

It reports the testimonies of over 550 young people under 35, exploring their experiences of the difficult housing situation in the borough, and what they see as position for young people more generally. It describes the real difficulties many face finding and keeping a home, and sets out the council's response to the research.

The research was commissioned by Waltham Forest Council from Social Life, Kaizen Partnership, the Waltham Forest Young Advisors and the Waltham Forest Youth Independant Advisory Group (YIAG).

The research included face-to-face interviews with 554 young people aged 35 and under, carrried out in the summer of 2017, as well as desk research and interviews with housing campaigners, developers and other stakeholders.

We would like to thank all the young people who shared their views, hopes, fears and aspirations with us. 

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