What can elected mayors do for our cities?

The government has committed to decentralise political control, including through the introduction of directly-elected mayors and police and crime commissioners.

The Institute for Government has launched ‘What can elected mayors do for our cities?', a collection of short essays assessing the merits and limitations of directly-elected mayors. The report is a collaborative effort between a range of organisations working in this field, including the Young Foundation, the Institute for Public Policy Research, the Brookings Institution, Localis, the New Local Government Network, the London School of Economics, the Centre for Cities and the 2020 Public Service Trust. Social Life Founding Director and Young Foundation Director of Local Projects Nicola Bacon, contributed the essay 'Linking the executive and the grassroots: elected mayors and civil society'.

Find out more and download a copy here.

Post by Nicola Bacon, Founding Director, Social Life.