Scottish Place Standard workshop 17th December 2013

Nicola Bacon will be discussing Social Life's work on social sustainability in Edinburgh on 17th December at a day long workshop convened by Architecture+Design Scotland.

The Scottish Government, along with NHS Health Scotland and A+DS, is co-ordinating the development of a Place Standard - to create greater certainty around quality of place and support for healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

The ambition is to try to develop a common language to guide thinking about how to create better places; that bridges the ‘social’ and ‘spatial’ to arrive at a set of criteria that people can use to assess how well a place performs.

In the workshop, Nicola will share her thinking and use this to frame the discussion about an idea like social sustainability could become a basis for making a Place Standard work for people on the ground.

The audience wlll include people with a leadership role on the agendas of place, planning and people