The impact of Somerleyton Road

Over the next few years, Social Life will be tracking the impact of the Somerleyton Road development in Brixton. This is a partnership between Brixton Green, Lambeth Council and Ovalhouse, with igloo regeneration acting as development manager. 

The Somerleyton Road project aims to create new cultural, health and community facilities, and to build 250 to 300 rented homes at different rent levels, prioritised for local residents.

The aim of this independent research, which will take place in the first half of 2015, will be to investigate how people feel about the area now, and what they think about the plans for the project. 

  • We will speak to residents, traders, community organisations and local agencies to find out their perceptions of the area around Somerleyton Road, and also what they think of the development so far.
  • We wll commission a focused survey of local residents, in a 200m radius of the road, to ask more structured questions about how they feel about the area.
  • We will work with Commonplace to set up a way for Brixton residents to give their views, using the Commonplace platform. This will be open to people who live in, work in or visit the area of Brixton in a 500m radius of the centre of Somerleyton Road

If you live in, or have another connection with Brixton, then tell us what you think at

We will repeat this research after the development is built so we can track its impact over time.  

Social Life first worked with on the Somerleyton Road project in 2012, on a series of deliberative workshops, commissoined by Brixton Green, that helped shape current plans.