Needs & assets in east Walworth

This research sets out to explore community needs, assets and networks in the Walworth area in south London.

The report was commissioned by Notting Hill Genesis who are Southwark Council’s development partner for the Aylesbury Estate regeneration. The intention was to understand more about the wider area the Aylesbury Estate sits within, to underpin future strategies for community development and to contribute to the evidence base for a new socio-economic charter.

Our focus was the triangular area north of Burgess Park, east of the Walworth Road and west of the Old Kent Road, up to the new Elephant Park development in the north. The area is bounded by the park and the two major roads, it falls into two Southwark Council wards, Faraday and North Walworth. Its area includes the Aylesbury Estate, several smaller council estates and an area of mixed tenure housing. It is only one part of Walworth, the other extends west of the Walworth Road.

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