Social innovation in Corby: Past, present and future

This report brings together the findings of a participatory process focused on social innovation in Corby.

Drawing on the accounts of workshop participants and further research, we track the evolving character of social action and innovation in the town, and set out some of the projects that have responded to local needs in the past. We then identify some key themes which might present opportunities or challenges for the future of social action in Corby.

The report also brings together new ideas developed by workshop participants to address some of the challenges identified through our earlier Social Sustainability Assessment. These are practical responses developed by residents, many of whom lead or contribute to voluntary initiatives locally.

These workshops formed part of Bright Future, an ESRC-funded project in association with JPI-Europe, working with people in small and medium industrial towns in Europe to explore their socioeconomic characteristics, qualities and underlying resilience. The research will feed into practical ideas and policy recommendations geared towards supporting industrial towns to thrive into the future.

Image: Pen Green Centre, 1980s. Source: Corby Community Arts.

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