We Walworth: evaluation of its first year

This evaluation of We Walworth builds the evidence base for a new way of working across central and local government and local communities. We Walworth bought together Pembroke House, Southwark Council, local residents and local agencies. Social Life was the research and evaluation partner.

We Walworth was funded through the DLUHC Partnership for People and Places programme.

The evaluation took a flexible and approach centred around relationships between people involved in the work and within the wider commuity. Read the summary here.

We Walworth set out to achieve ambitious goals within a defined neighbourhood over a compressed timescale. It had successes in setting up a new engagement model, in building a strong core team, in empowering and enriching the lives of residents and local and central government officers intensively involved in its work and in developing new ideas and propositions. Inevitably, We Walworth’s impact on its intended outcomes was limited by its 12-month timescale and by the scale of its task.

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